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Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's Saturday! The leaves are raked and deposited in the alley. Not like you can tell I raked and picked up 16 lawn bags of leaves. I love my 2 big live oak trees but, oh my goodness the leaves and acorns do me in! I unloaded the trailer and with a little help from Diva and Wonks I was able to move it to it's final resting spot. As I was lugging the boxes from the yard to the carport I chastised myself for not unloading the trailer when it was in the driveway. Now my cleaned out carport is full of boxes. I just can't seem to keep things nice for long. I am hoping that if Tom has to trip over them enough times he will go through them. 90% of that stuff needs to be shredded or thrown away.
The kids and baked sugar cookies on Wednesday. Kolaches yesterday. Cupcakes are scheduled for today. We got out for awhile yesterday afternoon and I purchased my first batch of flowers. Red Geraniums. The one flower I can usually keep going. Perhaps if the rain holds off this evening I will get outside to take care of a few more things. Right now I really have to fold clothes, dust, vacuum and clean the bathrooms.
Ok, funny on Tom. This morning I am doing my traditional blog catch up. I am looking at my friend Michelle's site. She had some cute pics of her kids decorating eggs etc...... Then a few pictures of her son Matthew giving the Beta Fish Boris I final 3 flush send off. Michelle had a picture of the fish in the toilet. Yes, we bloggers blog it all. Well, this is the time Tom decides to walk into the office. What is that? Boris. He died. Tom just doesn't understand the blog aholic's heart. He shakes his head and wonders off muttering something about hoping our toilets are clean when I blog them!
We are all suffering from smoke inhalation this morning. Snot decided to make his own waffles. He turned the nob all the way to dark. Now, our toaster will burn them at the 1/2 way point. Then one of the waffles was stuck when they tried to pop up. I go in to find a very black waffle smoking like a chimney. It has been awhile since our last fire scare. We were due.
Off to enjoy our Saturday and pray that tomorrow is as nice. The forecast says thunderstorms are to move in today and hang out til Monday. Sunday's forecast is storms and 55 for the high.
Have a great one!

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