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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pictures of ????

Shirts? Yep. These are the chosen clothes for the big picture.
???? You ask? This is what a bale of pressed plastic bottles looks like.
The perfect shot of number 11 Will L. (pitcher) throwing the ball to Joseph (1st Base)
Well, that is until the runner mows Joseph down.........
Nothing broken just a bruised pride. Joseph loves getting the ball so 1st base was a good place for him this game. All the boys did really well tonight.

The GS Troop had a tour of the Recycling Center today. WOW! I am embarrassed to admit that I really haven't taken recycling seriously. The preschool has set up a recycling center to bring newspaper, office paper, plastic, aluminum, magazines...... I started collecting our soda cans and bottles and all the water bottles I use drink from. OH MY GOSH! I took a bag Friday and this morning took another HEB green bag full of plastic, a grocery bag of cans, and 3 milk cartons and an OJ bottle. No wonder I take out 2 bags of trash a day.
HEB green bags. Ok, get these! If you add one or two every trip you will soon have several. They are 1.00 a piece. I missed taking my plastic bags in on Earth Day. They were giving customers a green bag for every 5 plastic bags. Anyway, I now have 5 of my own. William brought one home from school Wednesday. They are great. They are sturdy. The have big square bottoms so they don't tip over. You can stack them, depending on what's in them. They hold more than a plastic bag. I bought a huge basket of groceries today. I had several items that didn't require a bag at all; sodas, water, milk, potatoes...... The rest of my stuff fit in 5 green bags and 3 plastic bags. Yeah Me! I can almost promise it would have taken 10-12 plastic bags to carry the stuff that was in 5 green bags.
Ok, enough of that. I encourage you to consider recycling. Start small. If already recycle, Yeah You!
Our recycle center here takes a fair bit of stuff but, there is alot it can't. However, I learned today that places like Best Buy and Radio Shack will accept alkaline batteries to recycle. So check into that here and in your area. Call your center if you don't know where to take something. I bet they can help.
xoxo Amy

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