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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Despite my Jake Morning.........

I am having a Great Day!

Do you watch 2 1/2 men? Jake is Allen's son. Allen and Jake live with Alan's brother, Charlie (Sheen). Last night Tom and I watched the episode where Charlie has to take Jake to school.

This morning I couldn't get William out of bed. Audrey had clothing issues and Hair. There was a fight over channel 32 or channel 46. William wanted to take Rescue Hero tower to school for show and tell. BIG FIGHT! He took the space ship thing yesterday. Two big toys in a row is a little much in my opinion. In truck, Audrey remembers he needs blanket and pillow for reading day. Then she remembers I need to sign notebook, folder and field trip slip. Yeah! We made it just intime. Came home and wellll..... Let's just say the scene involved Joseph, a dirty pair of underwear and a tushy dance on the potty seat. Clean clothes, clean potty, clean boy, two packed lunches, and we are back to having a good day!

Now why has this morning not sent me over the edge and back to bed? WELL, I'll tell you.

Yesterday I had a friend over for lunch. She also happens to be a very good Home Interiors Consultant. (Another one of those lour them in with food things.......) She came over, we enjoyed some of Candy C's delicious sandwiches and Nancy gave me some great ideas for the house.

Last night I took Sandwiches, (a few accented with gravel/pecan pollen/and oak leaves, but that's another story) to my adult faith class at church. We are finished with children and adult classes til after Summer. My good friend Freddy was at the class! He has been heavily engrossed in his Deacon Studies. The notebooks of information he has to read for ONE class is enough to send me running. But, luckily Freddy is good student. He gets his books, 5 highlighters, recorder, makes up notebooks, and away he goes. I ask for your prayers for Freddy as he continues his studies. God willing he will be 'ordained' (is that right, Freddy?) a deacon of the Catholic Church in June 2010. We Love You Freddy, I am so glad you were at the Class last night! See you at the Festival.

TODAY! I get to play with JJ. Armed with an enthusiastic friend with great ideas, a do it yourself video clip on, and a green light from the hubby (always an important tool), we are going to paint kitchen cabinets! Kitchen? you say........ I thought that was 5-7 years away. Welllll...... I am very anxious to paint something! Anything! I got samples yesterday of a sage green. Smeared it in a few choice locations in the house. We no likey much. We may now go with a 'burlap' color. Well, Tom had mentioned that probably our biggest dislike of the kitchen is the dark cabinets and outdated floor. SO! JJ and I are going to try some 'techniques' on some cabinet doors I had already removed several years ago. THey were on cabinets above the sink. I opened it up to make a lovely kitchen collectors display of utensils and cookbooks. Anyway, We can play with those. Perfect our technique, then attack the cabinets over the bar. If we like then next week we'll go for the whole kitchen. If no likey then no big. Those cabinets are out of here anyway.

Well. James is finishing off my coffee so I'd better get him to school before it kicks in and Mrs. S doesn't want to keep him! Of all the kids to Not need to like coffee.

Love you all! Let me hear from you. I'd love to know who all is clicking on to the Blog.