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Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh My.....

Ok, my theory on the whole "Don't remodel! Just MOVE!" belief is........... It's not the inconvenience of having the dining room full of books and furniture; light switches half hanging on the walls; various paint splotches all over; workers in and out; etc........ The frustration is the Battle of Wills. My hursband is a dork! Ok, maybe that is bit harsh. My hursband is an engineer. There that sums it up. He likes even/plain/symmetrical. I like some bold/off center/excitement! Not alot mind you but, a little thrown in is good.
Yesterday, as you know, JJ was coming over to help with finding a way to lighten the kitchen cabinets. We weren't going to touch the living room, per say. BUT, when we went to the paint store there was this lady. Who we realized works there. We were looking at possible beige/tan colors for the living room walls. I had seen a color online and thought it would work. NOT! Ok, we are in the browns. This lady reaches way over to another area and brings us a sierra redwood color. Yep, dark. OOOoohhhhhhh we like......... We get a glaze to use in kitchen and technique advice from the 'expert'. We get a Color To Go sample of the sierra redwood and away we go.
We paint a cabinet door white then head indoors to redwood a section of living room wall. Now these pictures make it look UT orange, which in our house is a big NO NO. But, look at the picture of the cabinet doors, sierra red is what is on the doors at the top of the picture.
Ok, we paint the wall and head outside to antique the white door. We are in the middle of trying to rub this stuff off, it isn't looking good at all and low and behold the hursband decided to brave the wives and came home for lunch. Go away......go away........ Not a good time.....
We think this, don't say it.
He goes in house and we wait for a reaction to the brown. None comes, we finish up the door and think it's not so bad. I send JJ in first. Yes, I'm a chicken. Does he like it???? Welllll..... he likes the color, but not on the living room walls. A whole discussion/debate on pros and cons of dark or light walls ensues. He basically bans the dark color and calls for white walls. Figures we'll do whatever we want in the end but, he has added his 2 cents. (No, I won't paint a color I know he really doesn't want.) So I figured the dark was out. How about the cabinet door? First mistake, we used the word antiquing. Note to wives: Learn what words automatically turn your husband off then don't use them. Negative reaction hit before he even saw the door. "Looks dirty." Whole debate ensues. I loose again. Later, outside. Now you have to know that he commented he loves our dining room and JJ and I did a great job on it but, no more yellow. Then outside he sees our other sample doors, doesn't like the red ones BUT Points to the yellow door with many examples on it and says "Those two outside areas aren't bad." JJ and I look at each other and the unspoken message passes between us "If he doesn't back out of this driveway in 2.2 seconds you grab his ankles and I"ll grab the arms and we'll haul him out of here." We start laughing hysterically and he leaves. So, we paint a door yellow, use our antiquing glaze on it. Not bad. Has a bit of a wood look to it, achieves the lighter cabinet goal. We'll see what he says.
He Likes It! We have green light to attack cabinets above bar and see if we truly want to do the whole kitchen. Because, if you remember, the cabinets above the bar are coming out. So, Jay, Whatchya' doin' Tuesday?
Ok, so we think that the sierra redwood has been officially chopped down and thrown out. Aaaahhhhhh don't ditch the can yet. Last night the love of my life sat down at the computer and began researching built in cabinets. Because there is a wall in the room that will have some cabinets in it. There is an on going debate with how wide and how high but, I'll try not to bore you with that. Anyway, he keeps talking about a chair rail. Well, he has suggested the dark color on bottom and white above. (The trim will all be white regardless of what color/colors are on the wall. I'd like to see a beige/tan on the top but, we're getting there.) The thing is! The redwood hasn't been kicked out! We might still get to use it. Then........shhhhhhhh.........JJ, you might get to make sections of the bottom look like the plate! I'll get into more detail on this with the rest of you later. I think I have thoroughly confused you enough right now.
You poor dedicated to the blog souls you. Willing to continue to read my rambling day after day.
I love ya!


Mythreesons said...

OK so get this NEWSFLASH... Brian and Tom talk at t-ball last night and Brian asks about the whole day. Tom says...something to the effect...."well I could just give them a green light. I have to give them a hard time about it first" The little sneak!!!! He all but admitted to Brian he would probably end up with redwood walls and be OK with it! So goldish/brown on top and plate on bottom????? That would be a COOL thing! Then carry the goldish brown into the "study" Ooooooooo!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Fun catching up - and I'm not confused. LOL

Mike is a white wall, yardstick, hang pictures with a level type of guy too.......