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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Going Strong

Well May is in full swing around here. Did they put Mother's Day in May because in May mother's feel wrung out? It's not even 1/2 over yet.
Gregg and I have been working on the family picture some. It turned out GREAT! I'm so glad to have this for my parents. Today we took pictures at a daycare. Audrey has one of her last ballet classes for the year today. I am hoping to have a loss on the scales today when I weigh in at WW. I've been holding steady with just a little gain over the last 3-4 weeks but, enough is enough. I still need about 7lbs to get to my goal and still have some wiggle room. This evening is the Rosary service for Dr. Mueller. I dreamt about her all night. It is still just so unbelievable. And I just can't imagine what the family is going through. I hope these services help everybody with their grief.
Tomorrow morning I have Moms and Muffins with William, Kindergarten Graduation picture session with Gregg, luckily at J&J's school, then a Mother's Tea with the Twins. I've been informed I don't need to eat breakfast. The menu is alot more than tea and a cookie! I can't wait. J&J are ready for me to come to the "Party for Mommies".
I haven't checked the calendar but, I think then I am good for the rest of the day. Audrey's Pops Concert at school was moved to next week. And I won't need to babysit Griffin while Beth takes Mark to the airport. Mark was held up a day in Iraq because of Sand Storm, so he will get to stay one more day and leave on Saturday.
We had our friends daughter here yesterday afternoon. She is great. She is so sweet and fun to have around. Audrey was thrilled to see her at the school when we picked them up.
Whatchya' doin for Mother's Day? Do you know what I want to do!?! I want to put up sheetrock, make shelf plans, maybe paint the Study (formerly know as office), make plans for the Study bookcase, and cook on the Grill. I don't want to go anywhere but church on Sunday. And possibly the store room to look at the bookcase that will be in the Study.
This morning Audrey was talking about how her and Daddy need to go buy a big present for me. I told her I already got one. ??????? The new Living Room and Study!
There are clothes to start folding and more to wash. Dogs to be fed and Twins to find. Guess I'd better go.
xoxo Amy

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I agree that May is far too busy!