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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday! Already?

I'm not sure where my days are going. But I know they are driving away in the big red truck. I've been living in my vehicle lately or so it seems.
The kids lived in the pool Sunday afternoon and Monday. We took a few errands out to hardware stores for supplies. The window wall is sheetrocked and floated. I am suppose to work on the mudded areas and smooth them up a bit. I'll call the window guys tomorrow and hopefully they can come next week.
Yesterday was spent running a few errands. J&J had Kindergarten orientation. The principle ask if anybody has a question. My biggest question was Can you take them today?
She was also talking to the parents about leaving their kids and helping them transition. Does driving by slow enough for them to jump count as an easy transition? 7:30am til 3:00pm five days a week All To Myself! Ok, so I know it won't be all to myself but, I choose to live in this little fantasy world I have created for myself.
Following orientation we hit HEB. WOW our HEB is going to be AWESOME! I Love HEB. I saw an employee with a My HEB logo on her shirt. I so need one of those shirts. J&J enjoy going in and asking Todd and Mr Shipley where is this and where is that and whatchya' doin' to HEB? They got to go in one of the new doors and I thought they were going to coronary.
Audrey had a swim party. We picked her up and then headed to Wal-Mart. Why? Because I was sure that even if I spent 220.00 at HEB I still needed something.
This morning I cashed in on the GC I received from my Girl Scout Troop. They gave me a 100.00 GC to the hair salon I go to. I had my hair lowlighted this morning. Yes, lowlighted not highlighted. I didn't want anymore blonde and wanted to tone down what was there. You'll see the new color in the slideshow. The top went a bit flat in the heat.
William then had is Kindergarten graduation. He was so very cute.
Then home and easy afternoon. I put Bratwurst on the grill then went in to cut up onion and green peppers. Note to self: While carefully cutting veggies just so don't forget Brats on the grill. I was able to salvage two of them for Tom and I. One poor wiener was a goner though. It literally caught on fire. And I wonder where the boys get their fire fetish?
Tomorrow morning's errand list is already long so I best get some sleep. Two more days before they are all mine! (thinking positive....thinking positive....this is a good thing.....this is a good thing......)
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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Way to go William.

I like your new colors, Amy. Will I ever see you now that I'm not doing the Rehab????