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Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Report

I start my post with a heavy heart. I received e-mails this morning informing me that a former doctor of mine, and friend, Leslie Mueller died in a hiking accident this weekend. When I first started seeing a Gynecologist she was my doctor. She delivered Audrey and William. She then decided to stop delivering babies to spend more time with her children. Another doctor delivered the twins. Leslie retired from being a doctor about 5 years ago. They have a home in Colorado where they were hiking when the accident occurred. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.

Ok. Our weekend! We had a pretty good weekend. Audrey stayed with a friend Friday night and I met them Saturday morning for a Mini Relay for Life. The Girl Scouts and the Cancer Society had a wonderful event. I returned home just in time to help take the boys to Mr. Gatti's. I hate Mr. Gatti's! It was so loud and crowded. The rest of the day was spent making house plans and doing a little work in the living room.

Sunday morning Audrey and I had jobs to work at the Church Festival. We woke to a wonderful overcast day. Audrey made out like a bandit in the game booths and I slopped mashed potatoes for nearly 2 hours. We then ate a little, played Bingo (we each won a game!) then came home. Because we had good cloud cover and a cloudy bright day we bumped the photo time from 5:30 to 4:00. Luckily it worked well for the family. The pictures turned out great. I haven't had a chance to get with Gregg and look at them on the computer but, what we could see from the LCD screen on the computer they are great! He also got some very nice ones of my little family. Perhaps I can post them or give you the link to Gregg's site if he puts them there.

We had dinner out with the family and got to see my sister's husband, Mark, a bit longer. He will be here for the week and then back to Iraq for awhile. He is working for Lincoln Group. I believe he's due home for good in October(?) He should get another 2 week leave between now and then. My nephew is sure glad to have him home.

Well, it is time to start getting 'stuff' together for t-ball. We have a game at 6pm.

Leslie update: I just received an e-mail; The funeral will be at 10a on Friday at Holy Angels.

Love ya' Amy

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