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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Had a Blast!

Hi all!
We had a terrific day at Hordes Creek Lake with our friends from Girl Scouts. Unfortunately several of the families couldn't join us but, those that did had a great time.
I was truly amazed at how much my kids loved swimming in the lake. Then all I heard when we turned to our group area was "I want to fire the marshmallows." I thought after we ate they would want to go fishing. No such luck. They all headed back into the water.
We left the area around 4:45p. We had been there since 9:30a. It was a great trial run for me, the noncamper. I remembered charcoal (thanks Margie), toilet paper, marshmallows..... I forgot lighter fluid and a starter. I took sunblock and applied to the kids. Forgot to thoroughly apply to myself. I have areas of white and areas of red. Good thing we are Red Raider fans but this is taking it a bit far.
We had to drag Joseph away from the camp area. I held him up while his Daddy pried his hands off the picnic bench. They all were so tired and worn out. They cried to go back to the beach and go camping. I cried to get home and to my bed. But, I think now I am ready to go the whole hog. Tent, air mattress, bug light, camp fire, bug spray, sunblock, beer............ and a site on the other side of the lake closer to my aunt and uncle. Just incase I need to call for a rescue and a soak in their claw footed bathtub!
June is officially here and I am oh so very glad. This week is relatively pain free. Clean house, rake out kids' rooms, pack up school papers, clean out more files so I can take more office furniture to the store room.
Next week both Audrey and William have a two hour classes at ASU. Audrey will be in a bead/jewelry class and William will have an insect and spider class. Also next week starts BIBLEFEST! I am so excited. I have signed up this year to be a facilitator. I haven't been able to attend any of the meetings, have read the letter Ann sent and that's about it. But, I'm psyched. And I plan to have a table real close to someone who might know what their doing! The BibleFest is on the books of Wisdom. The kids, all the kids, will attend the Bible School that takes place at the same time. I have some homework to do on the Wisdom books before next week. I think I can handle it.
Well it's time to find the hubby and perhaps catch up on a few Two and a half Men reruns.
Love to all.
Happy Summer! xoxo Amy
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