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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last night was the first night of BibleFest. I loved it. I was a bit nervous about being a facilitator because I hadn't made any of the training. I did read up on the book of Ecclesiastes. This is a cool book. The lyrics from the 60's song To every Season Turn...Turn...Turn , whatever the title is, I'm a 70's baby. Anyway, the lyrics came from this book.
Also, have you wondered why the Catholics have 7 more books in their Bibles? These books were originally written in Greek. When translations started taking place many only used the books written in Hebrew. hmm....
Ok, so I get to the church find a table with lady and her young son. There is plenty of room for me and the kids so we sit there. Thus when the kids go to Rain Forest Bible Adventure thre are only two of us at the table. We listen to a speaker, last night Fr. Charles, have a break then get in groups for discussion. My companion and I start to look for another table. Seeing as I have a ribbon on my nametag I have to find a table that needs a facilitator. Note to self: Review all the people at the table before just walking up and offering 'services'. I knew Fr. Charles had been sitting at the table beside us prior to his talk. I did not realize he had come back to that same table after his talk. I am invited to sit then to my oops I realize I am sitting right next to Father. Well, that made it easy in away. We didn't have to mess with writing our questions down. We just asked him right out. But, I did feel very awkward. But hey if you are going to Baptised into something new might as well do it the Baptist way, whole hog, none of this dribbe on the head stuff! I saw Ann, my Thursday morning Bible Study leader, she invited me to sit with her tonight. I might need to take her up on that.
The window guys called this morning and they have my trim. They should be here soon.
I started cleaning up in my room yesterday. St. Anthony has been busy. I had 3 different things I have been searching for; Tom's keys to the big red truck-gone for several months-found! Papers from ASU regarding Audrey's bead class - gone for a week - found! Battery charger for camera battery - lst for about 3 weeks - found! Ok, why do I give Anthony credit. All items were found in plain site in areas I have searched repeatedly. He is now on the hunt for my diamond. Yep, my diamond from my wedding ring. Yep, I am a looser. Yep, I wear(wore) my ring 24/7. Why? Can't say....... Thursday before Memorial Day weekend I was getting ready to leave the house and looked down to see it gone. I had been working in the carport and garage that morning.
I have Anthony working on it. We'll see. I had lost my birthstone ring given to me by my parents on my 16th birthday. It had been missing for 3 years easy. I found it! So it could happen!
Well Charles is here to do windows. Gotta go.


Julie said...

I don't have a comment about Biblefest, but I do have one about the movie. I dragged Ryan to see it, he won't admit he's a fan, he has a thing for Charolet the brunette. Anyway, when we saw it, for some reason management stopped the reel for about a minute. As soon as it shut off a guy exclaims, "Shut up!" The whole theatre was in hysterics. Not just because of what he said, but because it sounded sterotypical gay guy. At any rate, we did enjoy it very much!

Margie said...

Note to self: THAT'S MY LINE!!!! Lol

Amy said...

Hey Margie - It's such a great line, you're worth quoting.
Oh, wait, quoting is when you give the other person credit.
I'll try to rectify myself.
Love ya'
I have G's frame from BibleFest.