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Monday, June 9, 2008

June Wedding

Saturday we attended the wedding of our friends Nancy and Mando. We have known Nancy for about 5 years. She coached Audrey in soccer from the very beginning until we left soccer last spring. Our paths have crossed many times in several areas. Nancy's dad works with Tom too. They are all great people and we were very Blessed to be part of their special day.
Wedding was at 3pm, reception around 4:30 then dance at 7pm. My kids had a blast.
need to do some work on these pictures to lighten them etc...Bride and Groom. Nancy has a daughter. Mando had a son and daughter. They girls were so cute. They practically look like twins!Audrey participated in the dollar dance. She enjoyed the individual time with Coach Nancy.

William enjoyed a dance with the bride as well. James enjoyed break dancing and running around the floor. He did come get me several times to dance too.

During one of the Spanish dances we saw Joseph sticking very close to the bride. He was so cute following her around. At times we would see Joseph walking with his head back staring at the ceiling. Then we realized he was watching the lights.

Nancy's Dad has a Mariachi band. They were great! Ifin' I ever get my deck built this summer and have an opportunity to have a backyard party. I want to have Simon's group come play.

Well, time to hit my list of To Do. This week A&W will each have a Kid's College class at ASU, 1p-3p everyday. Then BibleFest from 6p-9p.

Big week!

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