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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Staying inconspicuous......

NOT! Ok, so about 4/5 years ago we decide to join Holy Angels. Large church, friends and family attend there, good youth program, we can disappear into a pew. If you know me then you know that this 'disappear into a pew' thing couldn't last long. And just how inconspicuous can a person be toting the herd to church......?
HA also has some wonderful adult faith programs. I have increased my knowledge of the Catholic faith and truly hope I have grown as a Christian.
Following the death of Dr. Leslie, as you know, I have been struggling with some things. I have decided to be more active in helping with holiday celebrations at the church, Christmas Program (to be revived after many years), and the Stations of the Cross drama.
I am meeting more and more people. Know a few faces etc.... Last night my buddy, Freddy, was one of the speakers. Later during discussion sessions we were still kind of talking when Freddy got up to answer questions. I suddenly hear my name. "Amy's group has had some good discussion going on." I start to talk back and he calls me up. TO the Mic..... Now as you now I am such a shy wall flower it was hard for me to make it to the front. (ha) I get up there and start asking him questions and bringing up the 'why do bad things happen to good people...' topic. In hindsight I realize that was a night or two ago and Freddy probably wanted me to talk about the discussion my group had earlier regarding the promotion of sin in society. But, I didn't. I got off on a totally opposite topic. (typical). My excuse is "I felt lead by the Spirit....." I wanted to know more about why good people die young. and I could ramble on but, the main thing here is that I was called up front. They gave me a mic and well, this is just something you don't do. I can get off topic so fast it will make your head spin.
We did come up with some very good thoughts and suggestions. What I took away with me last night is that. 1) Yes things happen, sometimes good sometimes bad. Why? Well, sometimes we are fortunate enough to learn why. Sometimes quickly, sometimes it take years. Those unanswered Whys just have to be left with him. 2) Discuss things with God. Communicate with him. Love him. Your relationship with God is just like a relationship with your husband, parent, child, friend....... It is ok to be angry. It is ok to not like something that has happened or the other person has done. Communicate. Accept. Love. All relationships are a partnership. Ann J. talked about how she has chewed God out. Don't we do this with loved ones in our life? Does it change how we love them? No. We don't always have to be happy with what a loved one does or says. I often find myself telling my kids, especially when they are crying and saying "You don't love me....You're mad at me." I will answer "I may not love what you have done or said but, I will always love you."
I've done it again. Sat at the computer. Gotten carried away. Making no sense and still have no laundry done and the ironing is still staring at me.
But, perhaps some of this will get us thinking.
Perhaps I'll be back later. Thoughts are just running wild in my head and banging into each other. I think the same is true for my kids. Better go check on them.
Love ya'

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Federico Medina Jr. said...

Yes, Amy I did think we were going to discuss the promotion of sin in society. However as you noticed the Spirit had something different in mind. I did sense how the topic affected the people present. There was a need for folks to get things off of their chest and I believe the Spirit used us to help accomplish this. God Bless you and your loved ones.
Pax Et Bonum,