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Monday, June 9, 2008

Get R' Done

Ok. Everyone else has pool pics on their blogs. I had better get some on too. Ok. remember I told you I had a cute pic but couldn't get it uploaded. We had some problems with the computer recognizing our printer/scanner/card reader. All fixed now, thanks to a handy hubby.

Joseph decided the little pool was more his speed.

Here is our big pool. 18foot across and 4 feet deep.

I did a pretty good job last week of getting things done. The kids rooms are ship shape. I also went through all their clothes. I guess I can put away those long sleeve shirts I had kept out for cool mornings. Won't see those again for awhile. We rearranged Audrey's room. I also got her a new quilt for her bed. She has a real nice old one that has been on her bed before but, it needs some repair. We finally hung the big mirror on the wall and I got some ribbon and little flowers to make a window decoration for behind her bed. I trimmed some of the small branches off the lower sections of the pecan trees. Had three days of laundry. Tom worked on some more sheetrock. I cleaned up my desk.

I have another todo list started for this week.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I love the photo of Joseph. I need to set up a better system for washing feet before they go into the pool...