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Monday, June 9, 2008

Movie Night

Well I finally got to the movie Sex in the City. Yes, I shall confess I am a fan of the show. Yes, I saw the movie. Yes, I saw it on a Sunday night. But I have Biblefest all week and didn't want to miss the movie before it left town. And skipping a night of BibleFest to see Sex in the City just seemed, well, wrong.
I didn't start watching the show til it hit reruns on Fox and CW. One of the things I like about the show is the friendships. The diversity of all the women and their dedication and love for each other. I love New York City. I enjoy fashion. I like writing, so listening to Carrie as she writes her articles is fun. I totally dig Big.
The Movie - Well......I liked it. It was much like the series. Something big happens then you spend a long time talking to the screen, yelling at the screen, laughing at the screen, to get the situations resolved. I liked being back with friends. I just bellied up to the table and got right into the conversations with the girls. I know that my companion, who remain nameless to protect her identity, and I were probably the loudest. At one point I almost threw the empty popcorn bag at the screen. We laughed a lot. Hid our faces a little bit. (I peeked.....) We cried, clapped, and cheered. I enjoyed it.

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