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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am most happy to remove the May 2008 calendar page from the refrigerator. The poor thing was worn out. June isn't looking too bad. Yesterday I met with the new troop leader and we organized our registration forms to get our girls ready to go for the next year. Then about 11am the boys and I entered THE ROOM........ I had a few rough moments of fit throwing then settled down and just accepted the twins for who they are. They helped for awhile then I sent them out to swim. Today I have clothes drawers and bookcases to attach. I'm stalling. Then this afternoon.....AUDREY"S ROOM!! You know the typical teenage girls just put it anywhere kind of room? Well that's what we've got. I took the loveseat out of her room in the Fall to keep her from piling stuff on it. Today, she doesn't know yet, the little table goes to the storeroom. She is doing better at giving away toys.
I called the window guys yesterday and they will be working us into the schedule in the next couple of weeks. Tom gave me some projects to do before this afternoon so that along with finishing boys room, starting Audrey's room, and Laundry! I have a full plate. Guess I better hunker down. That and James is about to drive me nuts wanting to get on the computer!
But, I do have one more thing I want you to check out. This is so cool! They are sticker like embellishments for walls, appliances, windows, mirrors, glass, wood, anything! Great way to decorate without putting holes in the wall or painting. The daughter of a friend of mine has recently started her own home business with this. If you are interested in learning more or attending my demonstration I will host later this summer just leave me a comment and we'll get together.
Enjoy day 3 of June! xoxox Amy

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Margie said...

Thanks for the pics Amy and the gentle nudge to get mine up to date. You know I have to catch up on everyone elses before I get to mine. And I am in the process of rearranging my entire house for the upcoming, highly anticipated, arrival of MY MOM!!! She comes Thursday....YIKES....Gotta run!!