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Thursday, June 5, 2008

If I had a nickle........

for every time I hear "Sorry Mom....." "Can I have......" "Where's my....."
for every time I say "Stop!" "Leave him alone." "Go away and figure it out." "Pick it up."
I could afford to find a boarding school to ship them all off to!
I am ashamed to admit I am not the mother excited to have all my children home and around me for 3 months. I am not the mother nervous about leaving her children for two nights. I am the mother who two days after school let out, was putting the countdown to the first day of school on her blog!
My children, Bless their hearts, just don't understand that school is out. They don't have to wake at 6:30am and expect constant activity from 7:30 til 3:00 and beyond. They won't just sit and veg infront of the TV. Darn them.........
I am working on learning lessons from my BFF, the nut job excited to have 3 months with her boys and no homework or school obligations. My desire to not have a schedule or obligations is kind of backfiring though too. I need to set aside a time that everyday we read, work on Math, etc..... My kids did so well in school I don't want them to loose any of it over the Summer.
The boys did a great job in their rooms and are trying their best to keep things picked up. Joseph has to vacuum under the bed today because the concept of Don't Take Food in Your Room hasn't yet sunk in.
We started on Audrey's room yesterday but, I also invited some little friends over. My friend Margie is getting ready for her Mom to move in. I took her girls for the day so she could get some more work done. However I think I took her biggest helper, Gabi, away from her. But hopefully the break was good for them all. It helped Audrey. She was able to dive into her room better after a fun time with her friend.
My kids really are great and it is nice to have them home and sharing their play time with me. It really is amazing at how well they play together. I just like to play the Martyr, it's more fun.
Well, I am stalling again. But, have to share this photo.
Remember the kid who doesn't get in the big pool much then had to be dragged out of the Lake?
Well check him out.
Ok, it is a really cute picture but, for some reason my card reader has decided to go goofy.
I don't really have the time to work on it now. So check back later and we'll see if we can get it on.
Have a great day!
xoxo Amy


Margie said...

Saw you working on your computer this am when we went by your house on our morning walk. We got "attacked" by two dogs this time. Not really they were just two big curious dogs. Lol. I keep saying to my kids, "Are you sure you want a dog?" Gabi says, "Yes, Mom, just a small one though." So, we shall see. The fence is coming along. See ya!

Mythreesons said...

Yes!!!! We are having fun! I think you need a Play Station 2 in your future. They will sit in front of it and all you have to do is make sure they take turns. They also like the TV and Camp St. Luke is wearing them out!!!! I'm going to have 10 kids in my class this summer!!!! It's nuts! At least they can all go potty but NO ONE told me they each have to go 7 times a day!!!!!!!! I spend the entire day in the bathroom!!!!! What do they have the bladders the size of rats??????? I also need to get the jewelry to you! I have a check for you too. Call me and we will meet up sometime!