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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Before we leave

Before we take off I wanted to say howdy. Howdy!
We are blowing out of here this morning with San Antonio as our destination.
The kids are bouncing. Well, not yet. I'm the only yahoo awake. Why? I Don't Know! I don't want to be awake.
Last night we saw a performance presented by the youth of San Angelo. Aladdin Jr., Terrific! I've told you we have some wonderful talent in our young. Last night was no exception. I have a couple of kids I enjoy looking for when we go to these productions. I saw a new face last night, well two, Aladdin and the Geni. Both very good. The ages were 8-16 on stage.
I like to call William, Wonks. I occassionally will drop into a Willy Wonka term of affection. Well, last night on the back of the program they were advertising auditions and the upcoming performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He decided he needs to be in that play. "William, do you want to try karate, or theater?" "THEATER!" This is big because all we hear about is karate, karate, karate,. So when we get back my job is to do a little theater research. A wonderful lady who works with our youth, along with some others I'm sure. There is a new Camp Broadway Kids studio in town. Well, it's been here about 3 years now I guess. Anyway, I think this were our current interest lie. So it bears checking out.
Here are some promised pictures from our trip to El Paso.

Enjoying a PBJ while at the pool.

Who is this strange little man we ran into at Chuck E Cheese? Oh! It's Mr. James!

Our Meagan!

Night swimming at Aunt Nette's is always fun! Joseph snuck out one night with Uncle Wayne and went for a dip.

Audrey and the newest member of Aunt Nette's herd, Charlie.
The family is starting to stagger in. Time to get hopping. Perhaps if I can get to a computer I'll update while in San Antonio.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Enjoy San Antonio. Thanks for taking the time to post photos.