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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

20 Days to go

The twins are about to bust with excitement about going to Audrey and William's school. Today I am arming myself up with coffee and good sneakers to tackle WalMart. We are going to try and get all our school supplies today.
We need: 9 spiral notebooks, 5 boxes of 24ct crayons, 4 dozen yellow pencils, 8 bottles of 4oz glue, 4 bottles of 8oz glue, 4 packages of pencil top erasers, 4 boxes of markers, 8 boxes of tissues, 18 folders, 4 pairs of scissors, 4 rulers, and a whole slew of other little things - paper plates, wipes, baggies, etc.......

Audrey and I had fun at Twilight Camp last night. I always enjoy being around my big girl Friends ad seeing girls from other troops that I know. This is a great kick off for me to get reaved up for the year.
The house is a total mess. Not just the remodel but the toys, trash, dirty dishes, etc.... I am totally unmotivated to do anything about it.
My second cup of coffee is gone so I guess that is the sign to get up and get moving.

Check back later for a full shopping report.

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