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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5 More Days

We are on the final count down. Every night Joseph ask if he gets to go to school tomorrow. When I tell him no a few more days he gets up and runs to the laundry room to see the countdown calendar.
Yesterday they had their yearly check ups. I so wish I had taken my camera. I keep looking for another small camera but just can't make myself spend the $$. Hopefully my Thanksgiving shopping spree will produce another nice one. Anyway back to the doctor. They were so cute. James is 3/8 of an inch taller and one pound lighter than Joseph. Eyes and ears all checked out fine and we got an over all stamp of approval. I love our Pedi. She is so funny. I first met her 9 1/2 years ago when we were expecting Audrey. She seemed fairly strict. Over the last 9 years things have changed some. Now I do work hard to try and get the kids, boys mostly, to eat nutritious food. When William was around 2-3 years the appts were usually telling me to keep introducing the same thing. Try different ways, etc..... So I was prepared for a bit of that. Joseph is a terrible eater. He does like grapes, bananas and apples. James probably hasn't had a fruit or veggie in his mouth since he was a baby. I limit their snacking and sugar. I even have to limit their milk. Her response yesterday "Well, they're staying healthy. It doesn't seem to slow them down." All I had in the room was them and Audrey. William stayed in the waiting room playing a video game.
I made a menu night before last. Oh, sorry, should I have warned you? Yep. I am doing a pretty good job so far this week of getting us into a school type routine. Supper cooked at home, all around the table, baths, bed by 8:30p. I refuse to get up before 7:30am though. Tom can keep saying whatever he wants but next week I have to start waking at 6:00a. This is what I have planned. Get up, dress, start some breakfast, wake kids, they dress, I start lunches, they eat, finish getting ready, we are at school by 7:25a. After I get them to their rooms I go for a walk around the neighborhood of the school. I was thinking that Tom take us all to school and I walk home but, getting 4 kids AND Tom ready by 7:20 does seem like the impossible. Then all 6 of us piling in his Mercury really wouldn't work.
I am doing tons better today in the Tummy area. Yesterday morning I had an attach of nausea that resulted in dry heaves because my tummy was completely empty.
But we did a lot after the doctors office yesterday. I took the kids to the Mall. Audrey likes the jeans with decorations on them and JCPenney had them on sale. We then checked out the khaki pants at Old Navy for our new girl scout Jr's uniform. They didn't have her size, imagine the week after tax free weekend, go figure. I then walked her in to Regis Hair Salon. She thought the boys were getting cuts. When I pointed to her she freaked. "Shape it up please." She loved the whole experience. The girl was cute and stylish. She shampooed Audrey's hair and talked to her. Audrey has found a new favorite place. The problem with some of those type places those cute stylish girls don't stay long at the Mall.
The kids then went to the Hallmark store and spent the $10.00 they had earned over the last couple of weeks. $5.00 for being good while Mommy was sick. Oh, and the other $5.00, you'll love this, was for not going to McDonalds. Sunday when we were out driving and ended up at Bonsai Garden Joseph freaked. Remember, kid who doesn't eat. So, his Daddy told him we'd take him to McD's afterwards. Yes, this could be where some of our eating issues come from. While in line at McD's Audrey said she wasn't hungry, she ate well at Bonsai. Joseph said he wanted blueberry waffles. James, William and Audrey had eaten at the restaurant so why do this. They really just wanted the junk toy. So Tom said we'd go home and get Joseph some waffles and if they agreed to no McD's he'd give them each 5.00. A&W were all about that. J&J freaked out like nobody's business when we pulled out of the parking lot. Audrey was screaming for us to go back before the twins exploded.
Tom gave them their $$ when we got home and yesterday they bought their first webkinz. James got his own frog. He has tried to confiscate Williams for weeks. Joseph chose a black cat. Last night we started them an account and they picked out beds for their pets.
WARNING TO PARENTS OF 5 YEAR OLDS!: Some children my develop a fond attachment to the computer pet. It doesn't matter if they have a stuffed pet to take to bed. Putting the computer pet to bed and leaving it may cause severe mental anguish to your tired 5 year old. The crying and drama could last for a few moments or 30 minutes.
So needless to say this post is taking awhile to write because I have been asked repeatedly when I'll be done so they can get on Webkinz. I'm glad we have that timer. The dr. also suggested a reward system. Make them earn their time on the computer.
I have to start limiting my time too. So bye for now.

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