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Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm back among the living! William' bug got me and drug me down Wed-Sat. Tom came home Thursday and I was in bed. He stepped right in and took over. The kids had been really great while I was sick. I literally spent all day in bed Wed & Thurs. Friday I didn't come around much either. Tom had to go to work for meetings but did call and check in. I had called Gregg to let him know I didn't have much faith that I'd make it to the wedding on Saturday. But, by around 11:30 I thought I might be ok. I did go and took pictures. Got some really good B/W shots too. I felt fairly weak and worn out but we were on scheduled for 3 hours so that worked. Sunday morning had another little attack but then stronger just after 1pm. We got out for awhile and ended up at Bonsai Garden. I ate slow and lite. Felt fine the rest of the day. YEAH! This morning another attach of the runs. But, I'm drinking my coffee. I'm sure there is something in the coffee drinkers handbook that forbids going more than 2 days without it. I haven't had coffee since Tuesday morning! Lots of Gatorade, yuck, but no coffee or soda. The only positive thing that has come out of being sick is I've lost another 5lbs.
The kids really have been great and stayed entertained without destroying anything. Saturday morning it started raining and has rained off and on all weekend. Today and tomorrow has chances as well. Still need those last two bottles of 8oz glue. Guess We'll have to hunt some out this week.
Not much else to report. I'm just happy for the rain and so glad I'm out of bed!

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