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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did you know....

GOD is GOOD!!!! Oh, I guess you did. Yesterday was one of those days were I realized how good he is to me and how prayers I have sent up are answered. How decisions we pray about and make then Bless and forget are truly taken care of.
Mom came in to stay with the twins while I took A&W to their check ups. They both checked out fine. I mentioned that William and I both keep having episodes with this tummy thing. She said there is a bacterial strain out there that is hard to knock down. It hit William again this morning around 2am throwing up. I woke at 7am with the major runs then barfing at 8:15a. I HATE THIS!!! I ran out and got more culturell we are going to take multiple rounds of it.
After appointments yesterday we ran by the school on the way home to see if by chance class assignments were posted. They were! In May I put in class request for the kids. Audrey is with a teacher I was hoping for. She has a newer set of kids in her class including our friend Taylor, her sister had the heart transplant in February. Taylor is in the GT program and in 4th grade it moves to our campus. Audrey is ecstatic. So am I. William is with the same 1st grade teacher Audrey had and he has several old friends in his class. There are three Kindergarten teachers. We were hoping to have Mrs. C the same teacher Audrey and William both had. We didn't get her. Truly I don't think you can go wrong with teachers in K. Looking at the teacher twin match I think it will be great.
Later Tom came home and we had some time alone to sit and visit about his day. Some things that had been weighing on him are starting to lift.
So we had a good day!
Hopefully my tummy will settle and we can get out and get a few more errands run and taken care of.

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Federico Medina Jr. said...

Praise the Lord! It is always so neat how you balance so much. You inspire us all to look at what we having going in our lives and prioritize them.
Thank you!