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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Today, I plan to have Tom labor some more! Saturday we engrossed ourselves with the joy of College Football on TV. We ordered our tickets to the TT vs OSU game! We are really excited about that. Yes, we are alllllll going. I'd like cool weather but wind, rain, freezing cold can stay away. We have lots and lots and lots of rain lately. It's been wonderful! We had showers Friday night and again Saturday evening totalling right around 2 inches! That's on top of nearly 3 1/2 inches we've had over the last couple of weeks.
So, Saturday was pretty much a wash. Tom had a rough night Saturday so I took Joseph and Audrey to church at 9am yesterday. Then yesterday afternoon we hung some sheetrock. I went through all the garage sale items and priced them. I then found alllll the picture frames I have piled up all over. Oh my! I ended up with a fair size box of frames to keep and a big box of frames to sell. I took all the pictures out and made files for them. I like to have seasonal pictures out. Ex: Oct/Nov - pics of kids in pumpkins and costumes over the years. I think I have some frames and pictures boxed away with decorations. I will deal with them as they come along.
Friday night we attended the local high schools football game. It was fairly exciting but, the poor guys were skunked. James had a blast waving the little pom pom things on a stick we got him. He even began to learn when to yell and when to drop his pom poms and make the aauugghh sound and face. Tom and I were totally taken back at the fact it cost $42.00 to take our family of 6 to the high school football game! $7.00 a ticket! We told them we had kids. They are students at one of the public Elementaries. They said we had to get our tickets at the school. Now come on! Everyone in our town pays school taxes so if your kids go to public, private, or home school big tutus. There should be a childs rate for game tickets. And I"m sorry but, most families don't make it through all 4 quarters and if they want to fill the stands, especially when the team isn't doing such a bang up job, they need to make it affordable. I plan to stop by the office tomorrow and find out how much tickets are. I think I'd better find out how much the college tickets are before we try one of those games. then there are the pom poms, paws on a stick, koozies, t-shirts, programs. It's crazy!
Well it looks like we are in for another nice day. Better start taking advantage of it.
Don't labor too much this labor day!

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