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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

34 Weeks and 2 Days....

til the end of school. What's this you ask? She was busy counting down til the First Day of school to get them all out of the house and now she wants school to end?
Well, it has been fun but, enough. All four of them trying to do homework last nigh at a bar 1/2 covered with tools was not fun. I am not a fan of making lunches. I am going to work on getting them to eat more at school but at 2.00 a lunch I'd rather they eat it than throw it away.
Now for the Poll. Please take a moment to vote in the poll to the right. I need to check with Deb and see how her twins are fairing. Her son Josh was in school with Audrey at age 3 and 4. Second Grade he turned up at our Elementary. I was so excited. Deb and I were pregnant with twin boys at the same time. Mine are the end of February, hers are the end of April. James has one in his class and the other is in the third K class. I love these guys and am excited to have them at our school.
Ok, go vote and I'll fill you in later!

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