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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morning Funny!

Alarm goes off, time to start another day. AAuugghh I have to make 3 lunches today.
Let's go Joseph and wake the others. Joseph had come into our bed around 5:45am.
Rise and Shine!!! Time to get ready for school.
AAAUUGGHH Mom! I don't think I want to go to school today.
Oh sure you do. You like school.
with dramatic slap to the forehead.....What was I thinking!
We had to get a new toaster yesterday. The kids were thrilled.
Look Daddy Fresh waffles from the White Toaster! It's great. Ya' want one?
Thanks Joseph. Look everybody special White Toaster Waffles!

Homework! Last night all 4 kids had some work to do. We had Rehab for James right after school. Then a quick run to the office supply store to get book covers and a pencil box. We made it home by 4:30 and all hit the books. A new plan of attack on the homework will need to be implemented. 4 kids sitting at the bar that is currently 1/2 eating surface and 1/2 took storage surface isn't a great combo. Also, don't try to fill out volunteer forms, sign behavior notes that go back to the teacher and try to start supper during homework time.This Will Not Work!

Well I gotta run. I'm going out to Mom & Dad's this morning to see what is going on with the house. Alot has been done since I saw the big hole on the 1oth of August. I'll take some pictures to come back and share.
Happy Wednesday!

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