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Friday, September 5, 2008


What a day. Tom caught my bug so I've been dealing with his discontent about that. He's not happy about being tied to the house and the bathroom.
I accomplished a few things then had to go to school to sticker little girls. Reminder notices regarding the GS rally last night. My troop gained 2 maybe 3 new girls, yeah! One is a sweet friend of Audrey's who moved to Corpus in the First Grade and we were very sad. They are back and joining GS!
I ate lunch with Audrey then came home. Received a phone call around 1:30 from.........The Principal. Yep, there it is. The first, and hopefully only, call. Joseph had a little hissy fit in class when it was time to line up for PE and Music. He was told a few times then Mrs C said "Joseph you need to line up to go to PE or you'll have to go to the office." She was not prepared for him to say, "Ok". The principal was real nice. I asked her to put Joseph on the phone to talk to his Daddy who was here at home. She said Joseph was not prepared for that. I then went up to school and took him a room to talk. Working together Teacher, Principal, Parents we hope to cage and redirect his little brain. Thank you God for making them cute. Because if they weren't, they'd be toast! Joseph, I have learned, is a consoler. He pulls out the puppy dog eyes, alligator tears and sweet voice "Mommy, I hold you." The way to fight this is to sit straight and cross arms. When he couldn't cuddle up to me and play cute he knew this was major. I also made sure the teacher knows that for Joseph getting to read a book, play a number game, mess with letters, is a treat. Sit James in a room and tell him he can't go to PE and has to do a letter page well that is just flat out torture. Do the same to Joseph and well he's on cloud 9.
Today is grandparent day at school. Mom is a dear and is able to go up and see each one of them. I plan to join her as soon as my sonogram on my gall bladder is over. Right now I am dying! I want a cup of coffee, water, soda, ANYTHING!!!! So I will need to get off the computer. Sitting here with no coffee is not normal.
So please pray for Joseph today. The focus is to get caught doing something good. Mrs. C is going to focus on lining up. This seems to be a toughy. Yesterday coming in from the playground his lunchbox suddenly became too difficult to handle and just flew out of his and beaned another kid in the head. When told this isn't good and will need to take a time out. He replies "5minutes then centers?" When told yes, ok no big. The thing that is most troubling is that this should be devastating and create a desire to not do again. Little snot. It is really hard to discover what is going to make an impact. I am very thankful for Mrs C. She is a true God Made Kindergarten Teacher.
Well, off to the shower and away from the coffee pot and refrigerator.
More later!
Love Ya'! Thanks for loving us!
Amy & the Herd

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