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Friday, September 12, 2008

E-mail and Stuff

Hi all!
Many of you mostly keep up with me via this blog. If you don't want to leave a comment but have a question or something you want to contact me about please use the address to the left. If you have my other e-mail please continue to use it.

I am doing well. The pills Stefanie gave me are working ok. I have an appointment with a surgeon on Monday at 2:15.

Snoot and Snot both brought home notes yesterday. Everything from break dancing in class to playing with scissors to sticking a tongue out at the teacher. No I am not making this up! Needless to say supper time last night was not pretty.

Loser Mom strikes again: I didn't realize that Audrey's first ballet class was last week. She missed the first pre-pointe class with the big girls. Yesterday all but one of the big girls were absent because they all caught a bug! The director's daughter, B, has missed teaching this age and has asked to come back. Yeah! She is very disciplined and strict but also very caring and sweet. I have a feeling this will be the ballet deciding year for Audrey.
I have to brag on our Ballet School. I learned that one of our former dancers is a freshman at Tech this year. She auditioned and freshmen don't usually get a role. She got two! She was also asked to show the professors a classical jazz turn that several of them had never seen before! Go Anna and Go Mrs Cheryl!

So today we pray for the safety of the people living on the Gulf Coast. We are thankful that our patients who spent so much time in Houston last Spring and over the Summer are now home and out of harms way.
Take care. God Bless.
Amy & the Herd

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