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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Medical Update

Hello all.
I believe I have noted in previous e-mails that I have had a pain in the side even after the kids are at school. Stefanie at the City Employee Clinic ran several test and everything came back a okay. Friday I had a sonogram of all my organs. Today I have learned all my organs are in good shape, except! gall bladder. I have multiple gall stones. Now that Stefanie as helped me find the problem I have to be referred out. I am waiting on a call from the nurse regarding an appointment with a general surgeon. Joy. The stones are causing blockage and well….pain! I will meet with the surgeon and see what we need to do.
JoAnn – No…this will not interfere with my ACTS weekend. I will either be walking slow if I have to have surgery or popping pills. You won’t take my pills along with my watch and phone will you?
Sharanda – NO this will not interfere with my trip to the zoo! Same story I will either be walking slow or popping pills. Keep your vehicle on standby because I might no be able to drive. But sleeping at the San Antonio Zoo is one of those bucket list type items that I have to do.

School Report on Kids: Audrey is still having fun and enjoying her class and friends. William has made a 110 on both of his spelling test so far. He is most excited. He gets a 100 and then bonus points for spelling the ‘hard’ words correctly and the spelling sentence.
Joseph had a little incident in the bathroom yesterday but nothing to severe. Today was Joseph day at class. They are making books about themselves and each day is a different kid. Each student in the class draws a picture of the kid of the day. The other students would bring their pictures to show him and he’d exclaim “That’s beautiful! Good Job.” We are now trying to reign in his brain. Mrs. C will ask a question of one student and Joseph will quickly yell out the answer. She was writing sentences on the board and he was reading them off faster than she could write them. He wasn’t suppose to read them out loud. You really need to see Mrs. C’s face while she tells these stories. She’s as cute as all those sweeties in her room. James made treasure box today. I volunteer in the library on Tuesday mornings. Tuesday is also James and Williams’' library day. James did very well. Mrs. W puts a chip on the table at each child’s place. The goal is to not loose the chip by acting up or talking. James colored his picture, chose a book when it was his turn then sat back down and looked through it. I was very proud of him.

Well that is about all for now. Time to get supper cooking and kids bathed. I’ll let you know what we learn from the doctor.

Take care and God Bless.
Amy & the Herd