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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Oh my. I realized I haven't updated since Friday. I sent e-mails though. Guess I can do one but not the other. Anyway, my appointment went well on Monday and he scheduled me for surgery on Wednesday. I was at the hospital at 8:30a yesterday and in recovery by 10:45a. Not bad. I have an incision below my belly button that is about an inch long and then three smaller ones up on my abdomen area. They inflated my stomach to get the gall bladder out. I had 7 large stones and about 6 smaller ones then they sent another 2-3 to pathology. When Dr. G came to see me in my room he said he was impressed and that says alot. He is a pretty seasoned doctor who has done more than one gall bladder surgery. I'll have to brag that I'm pretty impressed myself. I'm surprised it didn't hurt more than it did.

I had bragged that the large ones were about the size of a marble. Well, I found the marble that Joseph swallowed a few summers ago and put it in the picture. I exaggerated a little.

There are two more than this. Audrey took a big one and a smaller one to school today along with the surgery brochure. She has also decided being a surgeon is probably not in her list of career choices.

James had a mini meltdown yesterday at school that Grandma had to go calm down but, other than that they had a good day.
Well I'm back to the sofa.
xoxo Amy

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