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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


They are alllll gone. I am home alone. (insert vision of Amy doing happy dance!!!)
We worked some more on the walls yesterday. This whole built in cabinet/shelf/tv entertainment area is giving me a pain! If we didn't have kitchen remodel ideas running through our minds it wouldn't be so bad but the constant question of what will we do when......? is making me nuts!!! I did get some of the books and knick knacks boxed up. I cleared out two shelves of picture frames in my closet. The boxes are stacked in my room but at least things aren't loose and falling all over the dining room. I plan to keep working on this later. I have a 10am appointment at the City Clinic. I started having a sharp pain on my right side. I'm thinking gallstones. My last dr appt/sonogram when I was pregnant with the twins I had my 'helper' with me. Cheri was so excited to see the sonogram then started making organ request. While the tech was scanning around she saw gall stones. At the time we decided that was minor compared to everything else. My doc then said we wouldn't worry about them unless they started causing problems. I'm going to go let Stefanie poke around on me some this morning. The clinic is free for employees and their families. I have an appt with my ob/gyn in a couple of weeks. So we'll see what Stefanie says and hopefully then I can hold off til I see Dr. H in a couple of weeks.
Well, I"d better get a shower. This is going to start being a very full week. We have Mass for the Religion Classes Wednesday night. I have to help with the Girl Scout Rally on Thursday night. Then next week we really get into it. Girl Scout meetings, Ballet, Religious Ed for kids and me.
Take care.

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