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Friday, September 5, 2008

I Am Mother!

Hear me ROAR! grrrrrr.......
Today was Grandparent day at the school. I saw a little boy and his grandmother that I knew last year at the Preschool. I said hi to Chris and visited with him a little. Later after picking up the kids Audrey asked, "My friend A and I were wondering how you know her little cousin?"
Who is her cousin. Chris. Oh, I know him from James' class last year. We were just wondering. Oh, Audrey....I know lots of people. Lots of people know me. People who don't know me, know me. I know everything, so don't ever think that you can do something wrong and I won't find out.
She just sort of sat with her mouth open and nodded. People make friends with each other and on occasion realize they kind of know each other because they both know me. Case in point....JJ was visiting with children at church Wednesday night. Comments on the girls cute name. The mom and JJ are looking at each other thinking they should now each other. then the mom says "You know Amy Herd.?." Aaaa...that's it!
Today I also learned, a bit to my horror, the father of the student teacher in Joseph's room works in Tom's department at the city. Poor girl, apparently she went home after her first day in class and announced to her parents she's not so sure about teaching K. So the office is now probably hearing allllll kinds of stories.
Today Joseph reported No Time Outs. AND....He got a chip in his pocket (another reason Mrs. C is so cool......she uses poker chips to put in the kids name pockets for when she catches them being good. So many chips equal a trip to the treasure box.) He was most excited and so was I. until....... I looked in the folder. Another! White! Paper! I am afraid that before even the end of the month every time I see a 1/2 sheet of white paper I might start screaming!!! Have you seen the moving Awakenings with Robin William's and Robert DeNiro? The black lady in the hospital that freaks out when she sees a ball point pen. Robin Williams and the other doctors in the hospital always put their hands over their chest pocket with they walk by her. Any way I am afraid that this could happen to me with 1/2 sheets of white paper. Just an uncontrollable AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHH~~~~ AAUUUUGGGHHHH~~~~
Ok, back to the paper. It did report Joseph getting a chip for lining up well. However, it also reported hitting a fellow student who sits at his table and refusing to sit on his square. Shall I repeat? yes I shall, AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have found an allie. One of my Girl Scout Sister, Stacy, has sent me a first two weeks of K report on her son. When you are praying for mine and Tom's parental sanity, please add Stacy and her husband as well.
School Funny as reported by Mrs. C, and just one more reason why I love her. Oh! No Wait! Let's have a poll. See side panel to vote on what funny story Mrs. C told me this morning.

Sonogram report. I got in and out right on time. No waiting. Good thing. Having a sonogram when not 34 weeks pregnant with twins is much much easier than when you are pregnant with twins. The comment "You are easy to sono because you are so thin." Comment that will totally make your weekend. Because you have to wait all weekend til probably at least Monday afternoon or even Tuesday to hear the report. This weekend when thinking of gall bladders, abdomens and pains if my name comes to mind please send up a quick prayer that all results come back a okay. Thanks.

I also ask that you pray for a little friend of Audrey's. The friends will see a doctor on Monday for a heart echo. The friend is experiencing some fatigue and other things. An initial test came back positive for lupus. A later test was negative. Please pray that the doctors can find out if there is anything wrong. This little girl is the big sister of the little girl who received a heart transplant in February. I have not mentioned this to Audrey so I ask that you don't either. No reason to get crazy with worry til we know more.

Oh Grandparents Day. Mom had a fun time and enjoyed meeting all the teachers. We were both worn out when we got back to my house. A little over an hour having lunch at school with 4 different kids and upteen grandparents can wear a person out! We had fun, the kids and Grandma all enjoyed.

xoxo The Herd

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