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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nanny 911.......

I'm sure many of you are familiar with this show. We don't watch it. It's just too depressing to often watch your life on the TV. Wednesday I noticed it was on in the bedroom. Tom had been watching reruns while laid up in bed. This show had a Dad that constantly under minded the mom's discipline. Mom - come do this job. it is a one cookie job. Dad - well it looks like a two cookie to me. and then back and forth, the kid gets involved etc..... I turn it off and leave. Tom, in the living room tells me that he recorded a show he wants me to watch with him later. Well, I had some GS things to do on the computer, clothes to wash, then the principal call came from school. (see post below) Finally I get back home and have a few minutes. He starts the show. The family has triplet 7 1/2 year old boys and twin 3 year old boys. Tom is still in amazement that after triplet boys you'd do it again! Well the wrestle, fight, run, etc..... all the time. The parents are always screaming and yelling. Chaos and commotion run rapid. Nanny 911 comes in and first rule is no more yelling. No more sugar. No more kids having access to the snack area. I thought one of the boys was going to pass out when she put a lock on the cupboard. Anyway, it all turns out very well after some trial and error. This motivates one Tom Herd. He is working on all of us to stop yelling and screaming. He caught me last night and I almost got the spoon. Luckily my charms worked and I avoided the bustin'. :snicker...snicker:
The kids are ready for Daddy to feel better and go back to work. He sat them all down when they got home from school and gave them the low down on the 'rules'. I think they are getting it. The follow throw, repetition, staying the course are the tough parts for us. But We Shall Over Come. Change is Coming!!!! We will Stand Up and FIGHT! (sound familiar)

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