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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Misbehavior Poll Answer!

First I'd just like to say ::pppssstttt:: to all of you who voted all of the above. That is not the answer. The peeing on the playground was William last year. And we haven't thrown food in the lunch room, yet. So the answer is I - spitting water (Joseph), cutting his hair and dancing with toilet paper (James), coloring desk and hitting friend (Joseph, hit friend because he wanted friends attention), playing with soap in bathroom (Joseph-he now doesn't get to use the big bathroom in the hall. he has to wait til they get back to their classroom).

So far we are having a lazy weekend. Did a little furniture looking yesterday to get ideas on what to do on the wall space area where the tv will go. Yesterday I also cleaned all the living room windows, vacuumed, and moved furniture around a little in an attempt to give it more of a room look as opposed to construction zone.

Have to go now, the puppet show preparations taking place in the boys room are beginning to make me wonder if they are performing an scene from the Exorcist.
Hope you had a nice weekend.

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