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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin Power!

Go Sarah! Go Sarah! Go Sarah!!!!
Do you know who Sarah Palin is? If not, well turn on a new channel, pick up a paper. She is the Vice President running mate of John McCain. She is the Governor of Alaska, mother of 5, NRA member card toting, Hockey Mom, Don't take no bull women who totally has my support and admiration. Her oldest son is soon to join the military, her baby 4 month old Trig was born with down syndrome. She has a teen daughter who is now 5 months pregnant. I wonder, is the guy holding her hand and walking with her at the convention her boyfriend? She is blessed to have the support and love of her family. I bet you know a person or two who has been in similar situations. How did their family handle it? I can testify that often our kids do things that make you want to dig a whole and forget you are a mother but, we don't. We love them, we support them, we help them.

Now I am a Fred Thompson Fan. I am a women voter who only pays attention to politics when her husband tells her about it and what she hears on Fox and Friends while passing through rooms in the morning. But, I do know that I know more than some of the protesters at both conventions. Atleast when shown a picture of Joe Bidden I know who he is. He is the Vice President running mate of Barrack Obama. When his name was announced Obama fell in the polls. hmmmm........ He is also an awesome debater and a tough old cookie. I think I heard that a vice president debate has been set for October 5th. I suggest you watch. I think it will be good. Above all I encourage everyone to get informed. Not from covers of Us Weekly, short blurbs of info on the news but, really informed go to legitimate websites, watch interviews, Don't form opinions with out knowing the whys and backgrounds of decisions. Then by all means VOTE !
Ok. this isn't a political Blog so I'll stop. But, if you are looking for some good TV sometimes the News can be just as entertaining.
Have a great weekend! Happy Grandparents Day Sunday to all you Grannys, Grandpas, PaPas, MiMas, Nanas. We love You All.

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