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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Experience all Herd children need...

I remember growing up that Halloween wasn't official til you carved a pumpkin with Daddy. Christmas wasn't official til his nativity was placed under the tree and Daddy had put the star on top.
Saturday afternoon we loaded the big red truck with kids and a pumpkin and headed to the farm. Mom and Daddy's house is finished and wonderful. I am so happy for them. I love to follow Mom around and have her point out all the wonderful features of her new dining room and bedroom. Should a person be allowed this much excitement over larger closets? You betcha', especially coming from the small closets we grew up with. Open area to see all your goodies....YEAH!!!
So following a tour of the home the kids gathered in the kitchen with Grandpa to carve a pumpkin.
Enjoy our Pumpkin carving scrapbook......
Click to play carving with Grandpa
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