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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Power of the Pleeeaassee....Daddy.....

Sunday afternoon Tom and I are settling down infront of the TV to watch the Cowboy game, Audrey is working in her room and small boys are outside. Kathunk...Kabang......cling..... scrap....shout....YEAH!!
hmmmm......what are they up to out there?
The carport door flies open and in comes William.
Can we build a Fort?
Yeah! Hey twins we can build a Fort. (yelled as running out door. Slam!)
Few moments go by, here comes Joseph.....
Dad. We need your tools.
Um, No.
Ok. he goes out the door
Few moments pass....... here comes Joseph again.
He has perfected the sweet boy face and primed up his cute little boy voice.
Dad. Can you help us. We need to use your tools. And we need nails. You come help?
I'll be out there soon.
GREAT! Hey guys! Daddy is going to get his tools (again yelled out the door while running out. Slam!)
I continue to crochet and just look at him.
Few moments pass. Boys are laying out their lumber in the driveway.
carport door opens for the upteenth time.
Hey, Dad....You about ready to come out?
Yes, I'll be there in a minute.
You know you are going to have to go out?
Yeah.......It might be fun.
Meanwhile Audrey has come in several time to remind me she needs to call her friend Ell to come over and finish a school project.
So, Ell comes over and Tom heads to the backyard to begin fort construction.
Joseph puts on his cap and sticks a pencil behind his ear....Handy Manny reporting for duty.
James didn't have much to do with the fort building but, Joseph and William were hands on.
One side was completed. We decided to put fort in the back corner by the gate. The back wall of the fort will be the fence. As well as a side wall. We are going to set our wall kind of caddy corner. Another small wall is needed as well as a roof.
I think Buddy and Biscuit are a bit happy as well. The boys may see Fort....They see better shelter!
Do you recognize this green lumber from remodeling pictures? Yep, it is the siding stuff we pulled off the living room walls. Quick remodel update. The tv area has been decided and Tom has purchased lumber, sheetrock, and a new saw to help him get the project done. The Raiders don't play til 7pm Saturday so perhaps we'll work off some our anxiety by working on the house!
Buddy has to make sure this project is being constructed to code.
Handy Manny.....can you see the pencil behind his ear?

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