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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Passed!

I made it through my first day of Substitute Teaching! How lucky that the first teacher to need me was JJ's co-teacher! YEAH!
Ok. Do you know what I am talking about? I'm not sure I have mentioned this. I have signed up to be a substitute teacher at the preschool where J&J attended last year and where JJ still works. She was a three day a week teacher in the 2 year old room last year. This year she is there 5 days a week in a 4 year old room.
Who is JJ some of you newbees might be asking. JJ is my BFF from way back. We were junior mascots for our local High School when we were 4 years old. The 'big' girls who chose us and put us together have no idea what a bond they started.

Ok, I got there with my coffee mug, a bottle of water, and a mug of tea.
Mistake number uno!
New Rule: Do not over fill thy body with pee producing liquid.
4 year olds may go to bathroom anytime they start the tee-tee dance. Teacher not so much. Teacher potty is in another part of building and apparently they frown on you leaving your room full of 4 year olds for an extended amount of time. SO! Drink your minimal required cups of coffee (yes Amy you have to limit yourself to cups not pots of coffee on teaching days). I finally got to make a bathroom run when kids went to music at 10:50a.
I didn't start my tea til my break when kids were in music right before lunch. I never did dive into the water bottle. But now I know just leave it at home next time!
I do think that in Dir emergencies a fellow teacher will keep a third eye on your class.

Mistake number two!
Do better job familiarizing self with room. Pencils are in two full cans sitting on side bookcase. There is no need to rummage through teachers cabinet searching. I knew there were bound to be some somewhere.

Rule number 3: If you make a mistake have no fear there is bound to be at least two young ladies who will set you straight.
"Not the whole table......We go two at a time."
"No....Now is carpet time..then lunch."

While on the playground I was informed by a girl in JJ's room that I look like Sarah Palin. I thanked her for the compliment. That was the second time I have been told that. I think I know who I might dress up as for the Fall Festival at the school......hmmm...

Rule number 4: Don't panic if co-teacher (JJ) tells you they are considering staying in for recess and you were really looking forward to the time outside. It was a bit cool and a small mist when we were seeing the fire trucks but hey they had my kids on the playground last year in the hail. What's a little mist?
Ok, I'd better clarify the hail story. You know this is West Texas. Well, last Spring on a barely cloudy day the few clouds there decided to gather together and before starting to dump a quick 5 minute rain shower it threw down a small dose of pea size hail. The kids loved it, the teachers freaked!
We did go outside.

Rule number 5: Put a jacket in truck. You never know when it will come in handy. It is Fall weather cool, cold, hot, one day, then the next different, then all phases of weather in one day. Gotta love Texas!

Rule number 6: Don't forget to take a decent lunch and if you are stuck with two granola bars and a glass of tea pray Mr. Mike is treating the teachers that day! I got lasagna, broccoli fettuccine, bread and a soda. It was terrific!

I really did enjoy my day. The kids were fun and I learned alot. Today was the day the Fire Fighters came to visit so the schedule was a bit off but, we made out well. I avoided having to understand center time. The girls will have to teach me the ropes on that activity next time.
I was lucky that I was with JJ, in a class I was familiar with from last year (James' old room), and I knew most all the kids.
Gregg and I will be back there next Wednesday to take all their pictures!
Well back ache setting in. I think I will crochet a little bit, unwind, and find my hubby.
Love ya' all!

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Mythreesons said...

You did great and survived! I don't know if you would have survived today's outting to the Pumpkin Patch however. The little darlings were at their finest. Hyped up, pumpkined up, and raring to go! Hee Hee I loved every minute of it! That's why I teach!