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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick Share

This afternoon was kind of crazy. Getting ready for a Garage Sale, pick up kids at school. Cookie Dough from fundraiser is in, must pick up in gym after school. Theatre for William, Ballet for Audrey. Studying Presidents, Spelling Words, finishing up two Kindergarten homework packets. Husband comes home needing cold med because feeling terrible.
I plop some wonderful homemade from scratch blueberry muffins in the oven. (HA! Are you paying attention? homemade? from scratch? NOT!) Ok, maybe it was premade batter that I just had to dip out and put in muffin tins. Well I do this right before taking Audrey to ballet. 20 minutes no big I'll be back in plenty of time and it is the larger muffins. Coming home I notice door open and car in drive of friend who lives down the block who just had baby number 4 this morning. Must stop in and check on other 3 kiddos. They all look great. Two big sisters age 9 and 7(?) are beaming and big brother age 26 months is happy to report Baby Gurl. He is still King of his domain! So this throws my 20 minutes off a bit. Oh, Mom and Baby doing Great good chance they will be home tomorrow baby born a little after 7am this morning.
Ok. Get home. Still spinning trying to get everything accomplished. Muffins smell pretty good but sure enough a bit too brown. When I open the oven and pull them out they are smoking a little. (Reminder-this is Fire Prevention Month and much is being studied at school) James yells out. "Smoke! Get down low! Away from the Smoke!" and begins to crawl out of the kitchen. "Get Low! Get out of the Smoke!"
Whew....what a relief. atleast of the pyromaniacs of the house was paying attention during Fire Prevention Week! "We go outside and wait for Firemen. They go in the house with the squirter. Don't be scared they are here to help." I so wish I had video to share. I love it when these moments are thrown into a day. Especially a crazy day, it reminds us how quickly they grow and how we so need to stop and enjoy. I laughed and smiled the rest of the evening remembering James dropping to the floor, yelling at us to follow and crawling out of the kitchen.
More stories compiling in the brain however, much clean laundry compiling on the sofa. Gotta go.

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