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Friday, October 17, 2008

They come by it Honestly

Alrighty. I shall start this blog with some inspiration messages, mainly for me but, you will soon see where this is going.
.....I see why Jackie enjoys being in class with are carefree, fun and easy to be with.
.....You inspire.......Your smile is contagious..
.......I'm addicted to your blog.........What a joyful home you have.......You go girl, you rock!
...We crazy Moms have to stick together....
Ok, enough of that.
Why did I choose this title for this mornings post?
Reason 1: Yesterday drop Audrey and boys at school "We have to pick up cookie dough in gym. I will meet you guys there so bring boys over when you pick them up."
I totally forget I need to get to school a little early to fight traffic and meet kids. Luckily Mom was with me for most of the day as we shopped for stuff for her house and prepared for garage sale. She reminds me we need to get going. We pick up dough and go to see K teachers. They inform me of the days goings on and some of the stress points the boys had. Mom tells teachers (as she puts her arm around me) "Well, they come by it honestly..." ::grin::
We go to front of school to wait for kids. I see little girl that is spending night with Audrey tonight we visit. She walks off then comes back.."Hey, Audrey is at the gym. She said you were meeting them there." "oops" another Mom Moment.
Reason 2: This morning we are trucking along reviewing spelling words, getting breakfast, talking about K class trip to Pumpkin Patch. There is a knock on the carport door. "WHAT?" It's dark outside, who could that be, it's 7:00am.......
"Are you having a Garage Sale today?"
"No....It's tomorrow."
said in a not very nice voice to a man standing in my crowded carport searching over things with his flashlight.

"Well the paper said today."
"Sorry, it is wrong. The sale is tomorrow."
"Well there are several people out here."
"Well....tell them sorry it's tomorrow."

I close door and turn around thinking How Rude! Some people just can't wait a .....OH SNOT!

This is my fault! I did the ad online. Decided to run it one day on Saturday. Typed ad to read Garage Sale Today 7am-2pm blah blah blah..... Then I decided it's not that much more I'll run it two days Friday and Saturday. BUT! I didn't go back and change the word Today to the word Saturday. I go flying out the door...."Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! It's alllll my fault. I messed up the Ad. I made a last minute decision to run it 2 days and forgot to have it read Saturday. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" They were all very nice I answered some questions regarding what we will be selling tomorrow and hoped they weren't all really pissed off. Came it told Audrey what I had done while I am frantically telling boys to knock it off, eat your cereal don't throw it. If you break my good glass you will drink out of plastic til your 30!
I grab markers and paper and make notes to put on mail box. Find a poster and make a sign to nail to tree in front yard. Have now seen at least 5 vehicles drive up, stop, and drive off.
While helping me make a sign Audrey comments "You mess up alot." "Yep I do. But, it keeps you on your toes, doesn't it?"
So go my friends....enjoy your day.....When life throws you lemons/limes.....grab some salt and tequila and call me over! (I like that. Thought it was appropriate this morning. But, I think I will use this mornings limes to make tea. I can't afford to get any loopier today. We'll save margaritas for tomorrow afternoon!)
Thank you for your inspirational words. I fall back on them in moments like this. These things happen so I can share and lift you up! HA!
OH! Tomorrow 11:00am.....Texas Tech vs Texas A&M.
Go Red Raiders!!!!


Mythreesons said...

That's so funny. I get alot of those comments too about being so "together" and then I pull a true "Lucy" moment and shoot copies flying out of the copy machine and not landing in the tray! It was hysterical!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

"You mess up alot." "Yep I do. But, it keeps you on your toes, doesn't it?"

Priceless comment and response! I enjoyed your post - and catching up. I still have a book for you!