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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip to the Hamper

It never ceases to amaze me how one day after finally getting the 3 baskets of clothes folded and put away I am attacked on my next trip to the hamper. I go to put something in and it comes flying right back at me. The darn thing is over flowing AGAIN.
So this morning I am sitting on the floor in front of the hamper singing my hamper diddy as I pull down the tower of clothing.

light......jeans....jeans....jeans.....jeans.....jeans.......(no wonder they were crying for pants this morning)! (Aha! I knew it's show up some day.)
light....bright....dark....white...white....white....white....white.....(guess this is why they didn't have any socks either!)
dark....dark.....EEWWWWWWWW (Don't look. I don't want to know.)
PEEE EWWWW.....I told them to put wet sleepers in the laundry room!! Nasty!
Well. That's the jist of it. Sound familiar or is it just me?

I subbed for the floater yesterday. What fun! I helped with snacks, lunch, crafts. Fell in love with at least 10 more kids. My favorite for the day was a little boy in the 2 1/2 year old room. He has longish very blonde hair, little round glasses and cute as a bug. At lunch he turns to me with 1/4 of a pickle in his mouth and tries to ask me to open his fruit snacks.
A little girl in the 2 year old room is going to be recruited to come clean my house. Her mom is a teacher at the school and they live a few blocks away from me. She was very busy with her whippy cleaning up after everybody, even if they weren't finished. I told her she could come clean my house any day.
I learned which kid in Mrs. M's room you give the craft supplies to and step back because it is a total "Me Do" situation and you don't want to mess with him. And which kid prefers you to handle the gluey craft.
Gotta run! Book Fair at school this morning.!

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