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Monday, November 3, 2008

Aussie coffee Shop

THANK YOU Therese!

She mentioned me on her blog in a post showing updates on blogs she checks into. I love it!

There are always positives and negatives to everything. And Lord knows the internet has it's share of both. Blogging is a true positive in my life. I am meeting real people just like me. The Catholic Moms I am meeting and reading about are wonderful. We are all in this together girls!

Thank you again Therese, and yep, Texas pride reigns strong here. My blog friend D'Etta has mentioned that while riding her bike she noticed numerous homes with college flags, stars, Texas flags, etc... displayed, more so than she remembers noticing in other states (she is a military wife and mother).

Wonder how many Texas University flags went in and how may Texas Tech flags went out this weekend? Now at our house we were our Red and Black come rain or shine we are Red Raiders.


Therese said...

The blogging world has been a real positive in my life too. I really love making friends online and keeping up with all their news.

Thanks for the special mention.


Marilena said...

thank you kindly for adding me to your sidebar!