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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yes, Audrey is our little trip to the office child. She is the one who broke our streak. She would like to know who the two people are who thought it was her.
Since she is the child who knew she had a blog poll out I'm not too worried about her wanting to repeat for being in trouble. Because actually this wasn't really fair the way we worded it.
Audrey went for a Good Reason. Her teacher brags on Audrey's writing allllll the time. Audrey had finished up a pumpkin story assignment in class. They were writing and the teacher called her into the hall. Mrs. L then walked her to the principals office to tell Mrs. Scott what a great story Audrey had written and would like to leave the story with her to read. Mrs. Scott gave Audrey a high 5. Then Audrey chose a candy from the candy jar. Going to Mrs. Scott's candy jar is a big deal. Mrs. Scott read the story and sent Audrey a thank you note. Totally made her day.
The Herd children would like you to pray for Mrs. Scott's kindergarten age daughter. Her little girl was bitten by a rattlesnake over the weekend. They airlifted the girl to Cook's Hospital in Dallas. The report I heard this morning is that the poison seems to be limited to the blood stream and they have it under control. The bite is on her calf and they are watching her muscles very close. I will keep you posted.
And as you all know today is Election Day. When I reminded the kids today Joseph only picked up on the word President and thought I was saying presents and wanted to know when they were coming. AAUUGGHH Christmas coming and presents...presents...presents is all they can sometimes think of! I am wanting to dig in the attic and find all our Jesus Christmas books that are about the nativity and start reading NOW! Last year and perhaps the year before, I started a tradition with the kids. Every night during Advent we read our Christmas books. Some fun ones about Santa etc.... but, always end with a Nativity story. Then one of the kids will put another item on our Advent calendar which just happens to be the Nativity. Yes, Last year was our first year for this. It really helped bring their focus where it needs to be.
Thanks to D'Etta's blog and her desire to not forget Thanksgiving I decided to start another tradition. We made a large November calendar on a piece of poster board. Each days square is big enough for us to each write one thing we are thankful for that day. So far we have Easter Eggs, Pumpkins, Grandma, Texas Tech #2 in BCS poll, Food, etc.... But, they are getting the hang of it. I'm encouraged to see how their thoughts progress
I have got to go now. I could sit here all day.....
Love ya'

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Therese said...

Puts hand up in the corner. I voted for Audrey. What a great reason she had to go to the principals office.

Praying for Mrs. Scott's daughter too.