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Friday, November 21, 2008


No Way! It can't be Friday already. We have been sorta busy. I have helped at school. Wednesday I spent the day at the Farm baking with Mom. It was great! Tom took the afternoon off. He called and offered to pick the kids up at school. I was astounded and worried. If you have ever been near or involved in an Elementary school at dismissal you understand my reaction. I think I was more worried about the phone call I'd receive about how crazy it all is and how stupid it is and how someone needs to fix it. But, that didn't come. However the snack call did come. The kids hit the door starving and want to eat every junk item known to man. Tom's response is that if it is not medically necessary snacks should be discontinued. Well you can imagine the response to that statement. The kids eat breakfast at 645am. The twins have lunch at 1045a so needless to say they are hungry at 320p when they get home. They don't have to have sugary items. Crackers, sandwich, cereal, work well too. Anyway, I wonder.
Thursday I had Bible Study and it was wonderful. I miss my people when I don't see them. I had them make feathers for my Thankful Turkey. It's great!
Today is a big turkey dinner at the school. It is nuts. The cafeteria is way overcrowded, tons of food that frankly last year didn't look all that great, being brought in by every Tom/Dick/and Harry. My kids don't eat any of it. So it's off to McD later to get happy meals and sit in a corner while the rest of the place goes nuts. I'm sorry but, I have so much nutso stuff going on and getting started that worrying about Boo-Rah at school isn't the top of the list.
I sure Hope McD has happy meals ready at 10:30a. Hmmm....didn't think about that....I'll be in hot water if they don't.
Well gotta run. I think I had better start with my Blog from now on and update and then go to the other blogs to read. I love catching up with everyone but, tend to let things slide here and forget by the next time what I wanted to type.
Take care and I'll be back soon.

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Therese said...

Have a great weekend, Amy!