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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello......My name is Amy....

I am an officiall Blog addict. I have taken the test and everything. So funny that I should find the test on Therese's site.
It appears that when we bloggers have blogger block we resort to quizzes.
Don't want to be left out.
I took a quizz earlier too that told me what color I am. Since it didn't come up Raider Red I decided not to post it....No, not really. I was informed my color is Lavender.
I hope the html or whatever works. Why can't I just copy and paste everything? It keeps telling me I can't enclose > or something. We'll see. If it doesn't work and one of you have time to try and explain it to me I'd appreciate it.

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

Hey it worked this time. I had fun taking the quiz give it a try yourself. The Free Dating thing is kind of weird but you can avoid that. Just click on the box. It's fun to watch the syringe fill as you answer questions like do you live blog? have you tried to convince others to blog? Margie!!! I thought she was nuts and no way was I going to blog. Then Freddy said I should blog....then someone else mentioned it now a little over a year later I'm a maniac! Bad grammer, terrible spelling and all!
So to answer the do you live blog Yep! Because I am now going to blog about right now how I am sitting here blogging instead of watching Walli with the family. But, I didn't come in here to blog I came in to watch Samantha on e-bay.
Every year there is that one something that someone wants and is hard to get. J&J last year it was the Little Einstein rocket. I needed two! This year it is the retiring Samantha American Girls Doll. Audrey has just very very recently become involved and interested in the American Girls and has set her sights on Samantha. The doll that is back ordered til May! The doll that is currently going NEW for anywhere from 155.00 to 210.00 on e-bay. There are a few used in very good condition and collectors dolls being sold a bit more reasonably. I have faith this will work out but, the hunt can be a bit overwhelming.
Well. I'm off to watch Walli and keep an eye on e-bay.
Stay warm! It has finally started getting cool around here. Today was in the high 40's to low 50's. Tonight is suppose to be chilly too.
Yeah! I love hot coffee cuddle weather.
Love ya'
HA! I just ran spell check and I spelled grammer....gammer! ::Snort:: :) :)
Oh and did you know that this {{{{{{{{{{Blog readers}}}}}}}} is a hug via computer link?

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Therese said...

I love this stream of consciousness thing you've got going on...I am working tonight and your post made me laugh! Thank you!!! {{{HUGS}}} back!