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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a Happy Day! The last two days were great. Saturday!.....we're not talking about. (FYI my Red Raiders lost a very big game to Oklahoma Sooners. They not only lost they were trompled. not good.)
Sunday was a fun family day. We took the kids to see Bolt that afternoon. Cute movie.
Monday morning I was at Gregg's house at 5:25a and I followed him to Austin for a workshop. Hanson Fong and John Woodward presented an all day workshop on lighting and posing for photographers. It was great. It is amazing how just a turn of a head or drop of a shoulder or step back or forward or twist can completely change a look. They are both well known photographers. Hanson has been in the business for right about 40 years. His website is amazing They highlight of the workshop for me was this!
I'm on the platform with Hanson Fong!!!! He had 'models' come up all day long as they worked to show posing etc... I had been up once before for a short one. It was the end and they were trying to stall waiting for a family to show up. They had a couple coming in as a bride and groom but the groom had broken his leg in 3 places and they couldn't make it. So in stalling and trying to show different wedding poses he pulls me up there and starts showing some. Cool huh?
I really don't like this picture because it makes my butt and hips look way bigger than they are. They aren't great but, they aren't this bad either. But it shows you Hanson better.

This one is fun. Gregg had his camera there and took pics. There is another one they call the vampire we did. I've asked Gregg to send it to me too. It's fun.

After the workshop Gregg took me to my car and I sped off to the home of my friends Steve and Leslie. Leslie was my elementary teacher in second and sixth grade. Sounds weird I know but, we have a really great friendship. They are 20 years older than me and I love them. I use to spend time with them alot. A big thrill when I was in college and my 20's was going to Austin for the weekend to stay with them. Shopping with Leslie is always a treat. We decided on this trip that I need to take Audrey with me one weekend and let her experience a fun shopping trip in Austin. I kept them up til 11:30 talking about everything and anything. Tuesday morning we got up and hit a few places then Leslie dropped me at the Lakeline mall while she went to the hairdresser. Strong philosophy we have. NOTHING comes between a woman and her hair appointment. Rain/Snow/kid with strep throat/required bedrest when pregnant. True story. I had been hospitalized over night by my doctor while she pumped me with steroids for lung development and ran a couple of test and monitored me. I was then being sent home to stay on bed rest til twins were born. This was January 7th, twins were due March 25. They came February 25th and were healthy and wonderful. Anyway, I called my doctor the morning I was to leave the hospital and informed her I had a haircut appt I really wanted to keep. If promised to head straight home afterwards I could go. Very important to have a female OB who understands the bonds of a woman and her hairdresser.

So, Leslie leaves me and I had two hours in a mall allllll to myself! I was in hoggy heaven! I found some black pants, finally. Was able to shop Children's Place and Gymboree for the kids. And just wander around and look at whatever I wanted to. It was great. Met Leslie in Macy's shoe department and we went for pasta. Yum! Then hit the road home around 3:30p. I came home with new shirts and sweaters for the boys. I got two new pairs of pants, two sweaters, two pairs of shoes and a leather jacket. Leslie gave me the jacket she doesn't wear anymore.

Today I talked to my mom and got the details for tomorrows dinner and my godmother, her husband, and one of her sons will be at dinner too! I'm so excited. I love my Daddy's sisters.

Mom had my kids the last two days. Tom had a few meetings at work to attend but, the other time he was home working on the wall. He hit a few snags but, worked through them and today is trying to get some of the stuff that requires a helper done with me here. So I'd better get off the computer. There is plenty for me to do as well as helping with the wall.

We wish you all a Wonderful Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!


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