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Thursday, November 6, 2008

My election comments

Ok, this is the only post I will have in reference to the election.
So some people are extremely happy with the results. Some are very angry. Some are sad. Some are worried. You know I think I have bit of all these feelings. that I feel so many people voted against Bush/Republicans/current economy as opposed to actually voting for Oboma and his beliefs/plans. I don't know. Worried....for our state of international affairs. Happy....?? I am glad that there is finally going to be a black president. A fellow blogger has posted a link to a story on Faith and Family Live that really made me go hmm.... check it out if you have time.
Now, Catholics you know that June 2008-June 2009 has been marked as the year of St. Paul. Wow what a conversion story there. I believe all Christians look to St. Paul as a Wow story. I love to read his letters.
For myself in my prayer life I struggle with finding the way to become quiet and listening. That is my prayer for President-elect Obama that he remembers who the true King of Kings is. That he have open ears, heart, mind, to listen to the call. I know I struggle with the big Huh? I tend to question God "Excuse me....Did you know Tuesday night was a big night... Did you take a break?" Then I am reminded of all the other times I have questioned and Huh 'd the Almighty. And all the times I receive back the message "Excuse me...I have it under control. I know what I am doing. Perhaps I will let you know later.....Perhaps you will never know til we met in Heaven. Trust in Me. " Oh yeah, ok. I will shut up and listen.
The vote has been cast. The election is over. Time to move on to the next phase of understanding. And remember that through all the ages, all the trials, wars, presidents, disease, corruption, one thing remains the same, Our God Almighty, Ruler of All through all eternity. Lean on him.
God Bless you all my friends.

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4 is crazy said...

Hi, I read on another blog that God gave you 4 kids in 3 1/2 years including twin boys. LOL You also said something about being greatful that they were not girls.

I thought that was hilarious, check out my blog - 4 girls in 3 1/2 years including twins girls LOL