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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clean Out....

We have been working on the kids rooms. Correction I have been working on the kids rooms. The boys is done. Audrey's is a disaster. I am beginning to think that a match could solve all our problems. Well, maybe not. She helped dig stuff out and start sorting. Then today we invited my Mom to come in and go to the movies with us. She then offered to take Audrey and William to the farm for tonight then James and Joseph tomorrow. I hugged and thanked her. I have worked on her room a fair bit this afternoon. That girl can acquire more junk than I can. And I can acquire alot of junk. I think it's the trash, flat out trash, that I have to keep scooping up that bugs me most. I don't think a dumpster outside her window would help. Ok enough of that. Progress is being made and for that I am thankful.
Tom stayed home today with a stuffed up head and drainage that was making him sick to his stomach. I have a bit of it too.
I'm enjoying not having 'stuff' to worry about, school, prayer services, girl scouts, etc... But, it is all sitting there looking at me....ticking like a big bomb ready to attack when I'm least expecting it.
The Stations Drama is right around the corner too. I plan to put the VHS tape in tomorrow and watch while I finish Audrey's room. Her room has the only VHS player in it. The tape is of one of the last performances of the Drama the church did. I need to make myself better familiar with the event.
Well, I'm off to work on James' scarf. It's fun having different projects to do for awhile. Thanks for the inspiration Therese. I loved seeing all your looms on the blog. Makes me curious. But, I shall refrain, for the time being anyway.


Therese said...

Amy-the looms are a lot of fun and I think easier than crochet! Thanks for thinking of declutter starts when the boys are back in school!

Therese said...

I never seem to finish decluttering. I think this room is done and by the time I do all the other rooms in the house, the first room in the house needs doing again.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I can't decide if you inspire me or exhaust me. I think I might follow your example AFTER the girls leave. LOL

Amy said...

Thank you friends. Aussie Therese I total am with you. The boys area already on a constant destruction path. But, since the number of boxes in their closet has been reduced and are easier to get to they are better. The rest of the house comes when the kids go to school. Christmas needs to come down but, I want to reorganize my boxes and get rid of some stuff.