Christmas 2013

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


We are not planning anything too big this evening. A&W were at the farm last night. J&J are there tonight. Yesterday morning Tom woke feeling really yucky. Head cold with drainage that makes him sick to his stomach. His doctor called in a Rx for him today. A&W were going to stay at a friends house while Tom and I went out. We were going to go dancing but neither one of us feel up to that. Especially at the place we like to go to, lots of smoking. So we thought we'd just go get a bite to eat and maybe a movie. Well, now A&W came home from the farm not feeling so well. Same kind of yuck. Perhaps pizza delivery and a movie. As if we can rent a good movie now. Well we'll make the best of it.
Hope your New Years is Great. See you in 2009.


Marilena said...

ooooh, your blog looks fab!!!!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

::snort:: you DO have the ladybugs too....I'll be changing mine for Jared's birthday tonight....I love the vivid colors in this template....reall like the darker colors to show case photos.....but it may be harder to read text...can't get the font colors to work with me. LOL

I love your 2009 graphic. Sorry you and dh are sick...praying you are quickly well.