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Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Day of the First Month

....and I feel like yuck.
The snot in my head just keeps shifting from one side to the other. aauugghh.
We decided to take Audrey and William out last night. We had dinner at Outback and rented some movies.
We came home and watched Meet Dave, funny, and put the kids to bed. They were going to stay up and ring in the New Year with Disney Channel at 11pm. They didn't make it.
Tom and I watched Leatherheads. Good movie too.
We were both feeling yuck so took meds and went to bed at 11:15p.
Having the more independent kids here this morning was nice. They left us alone til about 8:30a. I have washed up dishes and am now checking in on blog friends. Time to start a load of laundry and finish Audrey's room. yippy. But, have big plans to watch bowl games the rest of the day.
So I'm off. Hope your First day of the First Month of 2009 is fabulous!


Therese said...

Get better soon! Happy New Year!

Marilena said...

iam also really feeling unwell. so prayers for you, and me:) God bless you:)