Christmas 2013

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What we've been doing

Here are a few of the things we have been doing.
I made a smile box with a few video clips from the Christmas Program at church. James was home sick with strep throat. I was in the parlor with the actors getting them ready to go sit down when a teacher came in to tell me Joseph was having a massive nose bleed. Sound familiar. Halloween, at school, 15 minute nose bleed we couldn't stop, Principal goes for a ride with us to the doctor.......
It only took me about 10 minutes to stop it and he didn't have any more problems. The boys don't have alot of nice dress pants. Joseph was wearing his only pair of khaki pants. Yep blood on them. Then he spilled red cool-aid on them at the reception. But, I think I soaked them well and they will be fine.
There is also a video clip of the kids opening presents they bought for each other at the Santa Shop at their school.

Click to play Video Christmas Program
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Here is a slide show of photos from our goings on. Pics from the tree farm, our opening school presents, and Ciara's birthday. Ciara is a little girl we met last year at preschool. She was in James' class. She's a hoot. I love her, her parents, her brother..... They are fun people. Ciara had her 6th birthday at the roller skate rink. We had the rink all to our selves. James' loves Ciara. He told her so too. Ciara has a condition/disease/problem, whatever you want to call it, where her body doesn't grow hair. They recently applied and were accepted to receive a wig from Locks of Love. So if you have every donated hair to Locks of Love We thank you! Ciara has several wigs of acrylic hair. This will be her first real hair wig. It was fun finding a present for her. We found these groovey doll looking ty dolls. The boys could be heard trying to decide which one to get "This looks like Ciara with yellow hair." "This one looks like Ciara with brown hair." In our slideshow you will see Ciara with No hair. So I found this photo to insert so you can see her with hair.

Well, I couldn't find the one I wanted but, here is one from her party last year. She was Marilyn Monroe. James is on the right with his hand on her back.
Click to play December photos
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I am approaching my time limit. I have alot of stuff to get done around here. We have a babysitter for tonight so Tom and I can have some 'quality' time. I need to get the kitchen clean, vacuum, fold laundry, clean bathrooms, do you feel sorry for me yet? I don't have to rake leaves though! It is too windy today for that. We hope to finish hanging sheet rock this weekend too. William had his first basketball practice yesterday evening. He really did a good job. The son of a man I worked with at the Chamber is one of the coaches. It is nice to see him again.
Well, I'm off.
Have a great weekend.