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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2 of 2009

We had my niece Katelyn here for the day. Mom had to work and Dad was busy with projects. Audrey loved it. Her little fan was here to follow her around all day.
They love to find every stuffed animal in the house and pile it on the bed. They have done this twice at Katelyn's house.
I spent the day getting my boxes out of the attic and deciding what of my Christmas decorations need to go away. Unfortunately I didn't get rid of much. I did go through the boxes to find what was what and get things better organized. Last year it was a free for all to throw everything in any box we could find. So I tried to get things together that matched and keep my boxes from being so darn heavy.Not a bad pile of boxes, hey. Except for the fact that I still have 2- 6 1/2 foot trees and a 4 foot tree fully decorated in the house! They come down today.
Next year when my house is normal (please, please, please,) I will set things up at take pictures to then tape to boxes that the items go in. Cool idea huh? Not mine. I got it from Kim H.'s site.
Yes, another new friend in the blogisphere.
Tom just left to get a trailer to load and take to the land fill. We have to get rid of some of this trash around here from the remodeling. Then I have to come home and work on the back fence and devise another scathingly brilliant trap to keep Buddy from going over. Yes, he is at it again.
He was just getting into the neighbors yard and that was easy. So when I fixed that side we were good for awhile. THEN! I saw the neighbor boys from the corner peaking over the back fence. Well, Buddy hates for someone to be in the back and him not able to get to them. So he figured a way over. He got out 4 times over the past week before I figured out where. I hate to tether him but, it's that or end up scrapping his remains off the street. He goes 90 to nothing all over the place. And we have a fairly busy street just at the end of our block.

Well, gotta run. Don't want Tom to find me at the computer when he comes home!

Here are a couple of pictures from our week. Tom helping the boys fix the SpongeBob rocket lego set. Our first set of legos with the little bitty pieces.

Mommy crashed with her boys. Note Joseph's toes practically in James' mouth. When they were babies they would suck each other's thumbs. I just read on a blog of a mom with twin boys who are now about 9 months old that she went in to check on the sleeping babies and Baby A was sucking on Baby B's elbow. She decided to move them apart and give A a pacifier. Both babies started crying. So she quickly pushed them back together and inserted B's elbow in A's mouth and all was well. I love seeing the photos and reading the adventures of little twins. They really are terrific and oh so much fun. tiring and frustrating too at times but, totally worth it.


Kim H. said...


Good job on getting organized! Isn't it a good feeling? I never met a rubbermaid I didn't like. Must be the week after Christmas - I think we're all in the same boat.

This year - only because of the pending move - I really cleaned out my Christmas stuff. Our church sent a youth group down to Cranks Creek, KY (the poorest part of the Appalachian region) and I sent several boxes of decorations with the group. There are people that can't afford anything. And I figured, yes, I could sell my stuff at a garage sale, but then thought, but to someone that doesn't have even the means to shop a garage sale, why not just donate it? What a good feeling - and got me on the right track of organization!


Take care!

Susie said...

Your blog is really cute:-) I am coming back to you from At Work, At Play or At Home All Day.

Awesome job on the organizing. I did this last week and it feel so great doesn't it?