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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fun MeMeHow to Play.

Ok, I have seen the word Meme on many blogs. I am going to assume it means game/memo/something fun to do. To be honest the first time I saw the word was on Aussie Therese's blog and I thought it was some kind of strange Australian word. But, I have seen it many other places to. So if you have a clear definition for it pass it along. This could be like the whole :) smiling sideways thing that took me a year to understand.

Ok. So here is the meme.
How to Play. 1) Look back to your archives for 2008.2) Collect the first sentence you wrote every month for the whole year. (This doesn't have to be the literal first day of the month--just the first post.)3) Entertain us on your blog, link back here, and post a comment here with the link to your blog. (And if you're blogless, just remember the first sentence you spoke every month for the whole year and post it here.)***********

And here are my answers. This was found on
Small World's site. And WHOO HOO!!!! I just figured out how to link!!!!! I found the meme at De'Etta's site .
Oh this is cool!
Ok, Now here are my first sentences from the first post of each month of 2008.

January 1 - I am getting way to frustrated with trying to add cool graphics to the blog. (Something I believe I am overcoming fairly well, thank you.) AAuugghh I just realized that with my red background I can't use the red color I usually use to show my thoughts/words!

February 2 - Thank you to everybody who has taken time to leave me a hair comment.
(I had posted a slideshow the end of January with pics of my previous hairstyles over the years. I was ready for a change and was asking for suggestions.)

March 3 - Ok. My two cents. Ok........50 cents.......... This is a good one. Check it out.

April 5 - A few things have happened lately that were just destined to happen someday with our Herd. Got ya' interested doesn't it?

May 1 - Do you watch 2 1/2 men?

June 1 - We had a terrific day at Hordes Creek Lake with our friends from Girl Scouts.

July 1 - I have been kid free for two days.

August 2 - He is 3 1/2 feet suit....
orange life jacket and looks just like this (hold up James.)

September 1 - Today, I plan to have Tom labor some more!

October 1 - Well, I have so many thoughts going through my head and so many jobs I need to get done around here.

November 1 - UNDEFEATED
Like Duh!!! I wouldn't be at my computer directly after the game to say......
Against No.1 TEXAS
39 - 33 Great Post!

December 7 - AAUUGGHH....It's been a week since I posted?

This was fun. I could get really lost looking at all the things we did this past year. The key is to scroll fast and don't get distracted or you could be at this for hours.

Ok. Now I go to Small Worlds blog and leave a comment that I have done this.


Therese said...

lol I love coming here. It always brightens my day.

Meme is an Australian word. Many people don't really realize. It means I am going to talk all about me. The other Australian word you need to know about it is a ewe ewe (pronounced you you) which I ask you to tell me how wonderful and great I am. hee hee. Not really.

This is a great meme and I will have a go at it tomorrow. I already have three posts up from today so better not post again tonight.

Therese said...

HMMM...may have to try this one...

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Fun to look back with you, Amy. I'd say you've conquered the blog world. Linking - ASK, I would have told took me months to figure it out. LOL

GrandmaK said...

I took Therese's advise and did your MEME and had great fun with it! Thanx! Cathy